About Samos

Samos island lies in the eastern Aegean Sea. The island is a 45 minutes long flight or 12 hours long ferry trip away from Athens.

During antiquity it was also called “Anthemis”, full of herbs and flowers, due to its lush vegetation. It is true that Samos is very green all year long. It is the birthplace of the philosopher and sage Epicurus, the seeker of a happy, simple and tranquil life. The islands’ most famous resident though, was the philosopher, mathematician and acousmatic Pythagoras, who was of the notion that “the sky is harmony and number”.

 There are still some antique sites, telling about the islands' past. For example the "Temple of Hera", the "Tunnel of Euphalinos" and the two and a half thousand year old seaport “Pythagorion”.

You can rejoice in wonderful walking tours, for example in the "valley of nightingales", visit mountain-monasteries, or enjoy boat trips in the dazzlingly turquoise Aegean Sea.

The characteristic features of Samos include high mountains, pine and oak forests, cypresses, olive groves and wine terraces in beautiful hamlets where you can visit a taverna and taste the exquisite Samos-Wine. Along the coast, hidden bays and beaches invite to a refreshing swim.


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Situation of refugees on Samos

Since 2015, numerous refugees from war and conflict zones have arrived on the islands of Lesbos, Chios and Samos via Turkey. Many of these people are in the refugee camp near Samos Town and are waiting for their asylum applications to be processed. Doctors Without Borders and various other organisations and volunteers are trying to help as best they can and are grateful for donations.